convert. customize. duplicate. deliver.


Advertising Services

Pacific Media technologies is a video facility dedicated to customization, duplication and distribution of short and long form paid advertisements. We have a complete network of domestic digital distribution and a satisfaction guarantee.

Digitization Services

We offer high quality conversion of non digital video assets to digital formats for archival, restoration, marketing and broadcast purposes.  With a facility dedicated to video, PMT can digitize all of your assets.

Video Post Production

We are video masters who can help with all post production needs for short or full length film, commercials, industrials or any video needs. We excel at all aspects of post production from color correction to closed captioning and everyhing in between

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Strategy (DAMs) maximizes your digital investment by enabling you to quickly and effectively index, search, retrieve, collaborate and re-purpose your digital assets.

Advertising Services

 short and long form paid programming

PMT has had over 20 years of success in the DRTV space with a dedicated facility built and equipped for flawless ad customization, conversion and delivery. With a proprietary automated ordering system that includes a client portal, PMT is known for putting our clients first with transparency and pride. Regardless of the Ad length or type we have extensive processes in Quality Control (QC), customization and delivery.  PMT has built the largest digital distribution platform in the industry covering stations, streaming services and other digital distributors across the U.S and Canada as well as International expansion.


Our objective:  Get the right spots in the right format to the right outlets on time.

HD and SD Formats

Short Form & Long Form


Neilsen, Teletrax or BVS Encoding


Closed Captioning


Custom #800 or Promo Code Insertion


Digital Delivery (overnight, 4 hour, 1 hour) 

“Agencies, campaigns and consultants demand a reliable and fast moving partner to manage the delivery of their time critical advertisements. PMT is that partner.” 

-Bill Hynes, Founder PMT


Digitization Services

Brands and marketers across categories of all kinds face an interesting challenge: leveraging the past to work for the future. By 2014 Instagram and Flickr had more digital assets than the Library of Congress. So what has happened to all of the video and photo assets pre digital cameras, social media and cloud storage? The answer is that content has been boxed and stored in the original format or is sitting in an archived network that only IT can access making it extremely difficult to retrieve and search in a timely and effective manner. What does this mean? An unmeasured loss of revenue and a lower ROI from a workforce that does not have the necessary tools to leverage the best assets.

Brands and companies, like yours, have likely invested and will continue to  invest in creating content that will be leveraged to power internal teams and drive external marketing and sales efforts.




Secure Storage


Metadata and Tagging

Video Post Production

With over 25 years of experience in media and entertainment, PMT has secured its place as trusted specialists for video editing.  We offer the following services for all video types from short to full length features.


Closed Captioning

Audio Mixing


Color Correction


Duplication and Distribution

Digital Asset Management

The PMT hosting of services combines hyper-efficient Media Encoding and Transcoding Service (METS) with Managed Storage Solutions (MSS) to integrate into your existing infrastructure while adhering to industry standards.  The end result is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that delivers cost savings, unbeatable efficiencies and unparalleled quality of service.  With PMT’s DAM solution you can now easily and securely manage and store assets.

The DAM platform is scalable and handles a wide range of formats such as Videos, Images, Audio and Documents. With our UI tool you can search, locate, tag, preview, download, share and distribute. Intergraded work flows are streamlined allowing for collaboration processes to be managed easily and securely. With the Active Directory user management tool set permission levels based on roles and preferences easily. Providing redundancy up to six secure copies in two data center locations.

PMT’s DAM Cloud Platform solution also meets today’s MPAA requirements.