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Direct Response

Pacific Media technologies is a video facility dedicated to customization, duplication and distribution of short and long form paid programming to the broadcast industry.

Digital Media Services

We offer high quality digital surrogates of your valuable tape assets. Our multi-channel system enables us to efficiently process media libraries 3 to 5 times faster than the industry norm at a fraction of the price.

Political Ad Delivery

Political ads are an important source of revenue for media outlets. PMT understands the diverse roles and relationships among agencies, creative, producers, and media buyers. PMT’s multi-platform approach ensures guaranteed on-time delivery despite those last-second changes.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Strategy (DAMs) maximizes your digital investment by enabling you to quickly and effectively index, search, retrieve, collaborate and re-purpose your digital assets.

Our services

 short and long form paid programming Delivery

Long form AD Delivery

Leaders in delivery of top quality HD & SD programming. The only company to guarantee delivery.


Efficient, flexible and transparent customized client ordering, reporting and billing.


Pacific Media Technologies client service representatives are always there to make sure that every detail is handled accurately and efficiently. We confirm orders within minutes.


BXF, XML and CC (and many more)


PMT’s QC for compliance has been recognized by clients as the most accurate and comprehensive QC process in the industry.


Full graphic capabilities, timing, color correction, voice-over.


Leaders in delivery of top quality HD & SD program


PMT Client service has been recognized year after year as the best and most knowledgeable client service organization in the industry.

Personal Service. No automated answering.

We do the impossible to meet your air-date and test deadline. Our clients believe we stand out as the most competent company in the industry.

“Agencies, campaigns and consultants demand a reliable and fast moving partner to manage the delivery of their time critical advertisements.
PMT is that partner.”

Bill Hynes, FOUNDER

Political ads are an important source of revenue for media outlets. PMT understands the diverse roles and relationships among agencies, creative, producers, and media buyers. PMT’s multi-platform approach ensures guaranteed on-time delivery despite those last-second changes.

Recognized for service, speed, accuracy and reliability
Short deadlines
High volumes
Importance of ON TIME delivery
PMT Digital Platform is the largest in the industry
Objective: Get the right spots in the right format to the right outlets on time
Deliver content to us in any format or medium
Agencies and advertisers rely on PMT for critical services

Ask about our Virtual Private Network for Political Deliveries

Organized and Secure Digital Asset Management Platform

The PMT hosting of services combines hyper-efficient Media Encoding and Transcoding Service (METS) with Managed Storage Solutions (MSS) to integrate into your existing infrastructure while adhering to industry standards. The end result is a Digital Asset Management solution that delivers cost savings, unbeatable efficiencies and unparalleled quality of service. With PMT’s digital media asset management platform (DAM) you can now easily and securely manage and store assets.

The DAM platform that is scalable and handles a wide range of formats such as Videos, Images, Audio and Documents. With our UI tool you can search, locate, tag, preview, download, share and distribute. Intergraded work flows are streamlined allowing for collaboration processes to be managed easily and securely. With the Active Directory user management tool set permission levels based on roles and preferences easily. Providing redundancy up to six secure copies in two data center locations. PMT’s DAM Cloud Platform solution also meets today’s MPAA requirements.

About Us

Pacific Media Technologies (PMT) is a digital video services facility dedicated to customization, duplication, and distribution of short and long form content to broadcast, cable, internet, and mobile video platforms. The Company excels in both analog and digital ad distribution for major Direct Response TV companies and political advertisers seeking a targeted audience. PMT also provides world-class encoding, digital asset management and content storage solutions.

The Company’s digital deliverables include: customized editing, repurposing content, archive preservation and multi-platform international distribution. Several years ago, correctly anticipating the demand for efficient worldwide transfer and monetization of video content, management at Pacific Media Technologies began to develop in-house digital conversion, duplication and distribution capabilities. Forging partnerships with several large media companies,

PMT has built the largest digital distribution platform in the industry covering U.S and Canada, with plans for imminent expansion into international delivery.”PMT has become one of the most well known post production and distribution houses in the direct response advertising industry and we are now aggressively focused on growing our digital services sector.” PMT’s is expanding its reputation as the choice for Direct Response companies seeking Service, Quality and a Guarantee.

PMT has developed an automated ordering system, a new client oriented ordering platform and is using its expertise gained in the Direct Response industry to help political advertisers serve their targeted markets.

20 years of success in DRTV.

Interactive order entry, short billing cycle, client is always in the loop.

Dedicated facility built and fully equipped for leadership in high-speed ad delivery.

Emphasis on QC and customer service.

“Can do” culture; pride in accomplishment.

Competitive pricing.



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You couldn't be in better hands

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What Clients Say

Very best opinions

Everything they do essentially challenges the status quo of what a dub house is and has been for the past several years.
Niko N.
In the 6 years that I have worked with PMT, they have been nothing short of spectacular.
David J.
PMT’s stellar customer service performance, technical support, digital asset management and ability to meet any and all deadlines have proven outstanding.
Janet B.