Pacific Media Technologies Makes Timely Delivery of Political TV Ads a Huge Winner

Agencies/Media Buyers Vote for Rapid Invoicing

Los Angeles– More and more political TV advertising agencies and buyers are pressed to keep up with social media’s speed and flexibility– or find themselves behind the curve, according to Bill Hynes, president and CEO of Pacific Media Technologies, a company that provides digital customization, duplication and distribution of political content to broadcast, cable, Internet and mobile platforms.

“In order to keep up with the aggressiveness of social media and how quickly information is disseminated, agencies and buyers need to have the latest tools to respond rapidly to the challenge,” said Hynes.  “We’ve thoroughly thought through these issues and applied the latest technology allowing advertisers and political strategists to employ everything available to solve the problems they’ve encountered over the past 20 years.”

PMT was started two decades ago to service the Direct Response market. The company was built to be flexible, agile and utilize technology to service an industry where attention to detail and meticulous planning were critical. The demands of DR advertising require paying particular attention to more than just the correct placement of phone numbers and ensuring that the correct program got to the designated stations on time, but also understanding the rules for disclaimers and other requirements.

“We built a strong company with a reputation for excellence, quality and service that sets us apart from our competition,” said Hynes.  He firmly believes that political advertising in today’s highly charged and issue-oriented environment will be ubiquitous and constant. “Political advertisers want to build a loyal following and communicate with that constituency year round.”

With the number of candidates vying for eyeballs in crowded markets, the pressure is on to get messages distributed rapidly and correctly. “One ad could make or break a candidate,” emphasized Hynes.

Hynes points to a dust-up that occurred recently during a presidential debate. Donald Trump referred to Ted Cruz as a “maniac.” “It got on CNN, but it didn’t get on many local television stations because no one got it to them. Employing PMT technology, a candidate can get a message to television stations immediately, making the stations as relevant to the race as social media.”

“We give them the tools to be able to get that content to stations in time to make a difference to the candidate. Getting the message to the stations is a small portion of the cost, but getting the message out is the most important part of the cost. The way the candidate makes economic hay is to get the message to stations immediately. In the political arena the timing of a message or a response is critical. If that message doesn’t play, the cost in terms of dollars, disruption and lost opportunity is enormous.”

PMT is very sensitive about assuring that the spot arrives on time and correctly or the company picks up the bill.  “We guarantee that,” assures Hynes.

Of course, there’s always the bottom line for the agency.  “That gets to billing issues,” reminded Hynes. “Because a campaign can end quickly and the candidate or issue runs out of cash in a hurry, the agency has to have the ability to receive an invoice for the delivery of the media as soon as the delivery is confirmed so that the agency can invoice the campaign and be paid. Agencies have different and often internally developed invoicing systems. These agencies need invoices in specific formats and delivered compatible to their systems.”

“We built our system around all those needs so that, if a statement is made at noon and the candidate wants to respond by one p.m., that response, statement or ad can be at the agency’s predetermined outlets that quickly.”

“Agencies, campaigns and consultants demand a reliable and fast moving partner to manage the delivery of their time critical advertisements.  PMT is that partner.”

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